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Skin Care

Diamond Microdermabrasion
Cosmetic procedure to remove top layer of sun damaged and dead skin, leaving skin looking healthier and smoother.

Personalized Facial
Customized facial for that particular clients needs/ skin type: oily, dry, or combination)

Rejuvenating (Anti Aging)
60 minutes designed to revive the skin using our Revision skincare line exclusive to our spa. Great for ageing, dull, dry skin.

Clarifying Facial/Acne Facial
60 minutes this facial is to unclog pores and get rid of black heads using extractions to achieve clearer skin. Great for acne prones skin and hormonal breakouts.

Quick Fix/Lunch time Facials
This 30 minute facial is customized to fit your skin type. Great for lunch breaks or quick pick me up. Back Facial
30 minutes Facial for the back known as the bacial. Sometimes it's hard to reach that area and get a deep clean.

PRP Facial
Plasma Rich Protein facial- make use of your bodies own healing collagen and add it to your facial

Exfoliating Facial Peel
Facial peel, great for any skin type. Peel leaves your skin rejuvenated and fresh.

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Complimentary Services for First time guest (Eye brow, Underarm, Bikini line )
Full Face (brow ,lip, chin, sides)
Under arms

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Facial Rejuvenation

Xeomin (botox)
Radiesse (fillers)

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Simple Micro-needling

Deep exfoliation using our rejuvapen. Intense treatment produces collagen to achieve clearer, healthy skin. Also reduces the experience of fine lines and wrinkles. Great for acne scarring and stretch marks.
(Number of sessions is dependent on skin type and treatment plan)

PRP Micro-Needling

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Sarina Freincle, La’Roc Beauty™
SC, NC, & GA Licensed Cosmetolgist. Specializing in Eyelash Extensions & EyeBrow Services

Eyelash Extensions:
Our premium eyelash extensions are applied to a single natural eyelash creating a longer, fuller and darker lash look that feels natural. The lash extensions are semi-permanent and attached individually using a surgical grade adhesive to last until your own lashes shed naturally. With hundreds of length, thickness and curl combinations, your set of lash extensions will be customized specifically for you.

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