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Cardiovascular & Stroke Screening

Could I be at risk for Heart Attack or Stroke?

The majority of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is caused by risk factors that can be controlled, treated or modified, such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, overweight/obesity, tobacco use, lack of physical activity and diabetes. However there are also some major CVD risk factors that cannot be controlled. In terms of attributable deaths, the leading CVD risk factor is raised blood pressure (to which 13% of global deaths are attributed), followed by tobacco use (9%), raised blood glucose (6%), physical inactivity (6%), and over-weight and obesity (5%).

Current cardiovascular research has confirmed that heart attack, stroke and most forms of peripheral vascular disease is caused by abnormalities in the arterial wall. Current tools have not allowed physicians in the primary care setting to identify persons who have undetected (absence of symptoms) subclinical disease. Vasogram is a new technology that allows physicians to assess the status of the arterial wall and thus helpful in identifying and quantifying an individual's level of cardiovascular disease risk.

What is Vasocor?
Vasocor is a device that has a Cardiovascular Assessment and Risk Evaluation module that will receive and analyze data and then predict risk for heart attack, stroke and sympto-matic peripheral vascular disease. It is a non-invasive and measures blood volume in the arteries via the careful placement of blood pressure cuffs on the arm, calf, and thigh. Since 50% of patients that develop heart disease exhibit none of the classic symptoms, increased accuracy offers significant benefit to patients by identifying risk much earlier.

What happens during the Vasocor Exam?
Blood pressure cuffs are placed on the arms, thigh and calf during the various phases of the test to measure local arterial volume change.

What are the common uses of Vasocor?
Vasocor Measures:

Is Vasocor Safe?
Like a routine blood pressure performed by your clinician, Vasocor is a non-invasive test using blood pressure cuffs placed on the arm, legs and thighs.

How will I learn about the results of my Vasocor Assessment?
Your physician will interpret your assessment promptly and schedule an appointment to discuss your results. For the first time ever, your physicians will be able to offer an in-office test that will that will allow them to know how your arteries compare to healthy subjects of the same gender and age. Also, they will know how your arteries compare to subjects with known peripheral and coronary artery disease, prior to the presentation of symptoms. The benefit to you is that this assessment establishes a baseline of your vascular and cardiovascular health.

Don't Wait!!!
Ask Dr. Orr about scheduling a Vasocor Assessment today! It can provide you with the peace of mind that your arteries are healthy and your risk of Cardiovascular Disease is low. Or…if your risk happens to be high and there are warning signs, Vasocor just might save your life! Schedule your Vasocor Assessment today!